Thomas GSP
Junior — System Linux Administrator

City : Birmingham

Email : contact[/@/]

GitHub :

26 years

Driver’s licence category B


French - Native
English - Basic

Work experience

AlterwayHosting - Linux System Administrator (2016 - today)

In a team of 6 people, my main mission was to ensure the stabilities and evolution of the web infrastructure for different customers. Working in a Web-Hosting company give the opportunity to gain in skill on lot of technology based on Linux system.

Management of hight availability web hosting services :

  • Custumers Infrastucture: Between 25 to 200 servers per customers, in a team.

    • Media:,,
    • French public services (state) & political party.
    • Web market & job bar:,
  • Optimization of system and software (web stack).
    Mainly the databases servers configuration(Mysql) and web servers like apache or nginx, with the goal to correctly size the values for the server characteristics and customer application.

  • Analyze and troubleshooting on hard issues or recurrent (strace, tcpdump...).

Involvement in internal projets:

  • Work with the industrialization team: Test the news functionalities and report issues.
    As an user of the industrialization system (Ansible), my mission was to write the Ansible playbooks to deploy the costumers servers infrastructure and services required. I contribute to testing the news Ansible roles written by the industrialization team.

  • Internal development:

External costumer mission:

A mission for the French socialist political party, while their internal election. This mission was separate in two time, with in first, the deployment of servers and online vote services for the french expatriate peoples. My work was be audit by a security expert and control by a bailiff. In second time, the infrastructure deployment for the local vote (not online) and display the results. This platforms has supported 20 000 concurrent connection in peak.

  • Technologies set up:
    • MongoDB (cluster), Elasticsearch(cluster), Mysql(Replication).
    • Nginx, Varnish (cache).
    • Gunicorn (WSGI HTTP Server)
    • Duplicity (Encrypted backups).

AlterwayHosting - Linux System Administrator (work/study program 2014 - 2016 )

  • Solving and apply customer’s requests: Jira tickets manager
  • Supervision: Incident qualification
  • Troubleshooting: system and applications.

Crypteo - System and network technician (work/study program 2013 - 2014)

  • Network and system administration Linux/Windows for small company, town hall, schools...

Personal IT projects, volunteering

  • Scripting & dev : System admin utilities, CVE scanner (Python2.7), websites...
  • IT infrastructure management for association (300+ members).


System, Services, Databases

  • Servers, Virtualizations — Linux (Debian), Proxmox (LXC/OpenVz/KVM).
  • Services — Bind9, Apache, Nginx, Varnish, Php-fpm, Postfix, Haproxy...
  • Supervision — Zabbix, Centreon
  • SQL Databases — MySQL, Postgresql (Cluster & réplication )
  • NoSQL Databases — MongoDB, Elasticsearch (basic knowledge)

Languages, Scripting, Programming

  • Python 2.7/3.x, Bash
  • CSS, PHP, xHTML.

Certifications and IT formations

  • CCNA Exploration: LAN, WAN, Network Monitoring
  • Formation: Varnish (Varnish Software), MongoDB ( M201 - Online MongoDB University)

Education - IT DEGREE

  • Master Degree: Systems and networking engineering University of Paris Saclay (2014 - 2016)

  • Bachelor degree: Administration and security of network University of Montpellier, France (2013 - 2014)

  • Technical degree: Business computing Bahuet high-school, France (2011-2013)


  • IT security watch : member of an security IT community.
  • Self-educated: MongoDB(M201 - 2018), Python ...
  • Associative domain: Active member in a Fab LAB (maker place).